23 February 2021 (3 Way Competition)

The 2021 3-way competition was hosted by Haddington Camera Club by Zoom on Tuesday, 23rd February 2021. Haddington were joined by Musselburgh Camera Club and Beeslack Penicuik Camera Club. The competition was judged by Hunter Kennedy. Each club has entered 15 digital images, making a total of 45.

Hunter said he would be marking images not just on their technical quality, but on how much an image demonstrated the photographer’s individuality. He explained that a record shot is the kind of image where if you put three people with a camera in the same situation they would get the same result. The goal is to apply your individual style to a situation and obtain something different. Hunter also suggested that cropping is one of your best tools for removing distractions and concentrating on the subject. Some images lost marks because they looked a little flat on the screen. The whites could have been lightened to add more sparkle. At the halfway point the scores were close:

Musselburgh: 133 points
Beeslack: 128 points
Haddington: 132 points

The best images seemed to come during the second half, with several 19s and 20s being added to the scores. Musselburgh were leading at the final round, and Beeslack needed 20 points from their last image to equalise the score, and they achieved it! The final scores were:

Musselburgh: 256 points
Beeslack: 256 points
Haddington: 246 points

The competition ended in a tie break, with Hunter choosing his favourite from the 3 images which had scored 20 points. Beeslack’s “Goldfinch on Teasel” won the top spot, earning them an extra point and making them winners with 257 points. An enjoyable and thrilling competition.