Setting sRGB as Your Colour Space

How to set ‘sRGB’ as you colour space in Photoshop

These notes are supplied only as basic guidance to anyone who wishes to enter our competitions and may require some assistance. There are several different ways to do everything in photoshop, and several different image-editing programs to use too.

Some people work in sRGB by default, particularly when in jpeg format, but many who print are using Adobe RGB (1998). What you are doing in the following is using photoshop to convert to sRGB any files that are not in sRGB (eg Adobe 1998).

With most current full versions of Photoshop –

With a full version of Adobe Photoshop open, and your image open go to –


b) In ‘Destination Space’ for Profile select ‘sRGB IEC…’ which will be near the top and for ‘Conversion Options’ choose engine ‘Adobe (ACE)’ and Intent ‘Relative Colorimetric’ leave ‘Black Point..’ ticked and if the other two boxes are not greyed out ‘Use Dither’ and ‘Flatten Image’ also tick them

c) Then click ‘OK’.

Your image will now be in sRGB, and you can go on to size and save.

You can only do a basic conversion in Elements, you will not be able to do all of the above – you will find your settings in EDIT > COLOR SETTINGS, and if the file you are opening does not have a profile you will get a message coming up, you can select sRGB here)

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Information taken from the Scottish Photographic Federation website.