Competition information

Background information on our club competitions is now available in this PDF version of the “Competition Requirements” session presented on Thursday, 14th September 2017.



A member may submit up to 3 images in each competition. All images must be entirely the member’s original work. No image may be used that is too similar to one used in an earlier competition by the same author. Any subject is allowed – except the competitions for the Set Subject and Human Portrait. Entries to the Black and White competition must be


Prints may be commercially or home printed. Prints must be mounted on mounting board. To avoid damaging other members’ work, neither masking tape nor Sellotape is allowed. Minimum size of the mount 16 x 12 ins (40 x 30 cm). Maximum size 20 x 16 ins (50 x 40 cm). The title and member’s number ONLY should appear on the back.

Commercial Printing of Images

Each print should also be accompanied by a digital version see below.

Projected images

Projected images must be submitted with titles and in a folder with the member’s name and number. Images can be either on a disc/flash drive or sent to George Todd by email The images must have the longest side no larger than 1600 pixels and shortest side no larger than 1200 pixels.


Some useful tutorials:

Commitee members will be only too willing to advise if you are unsure of anything, so please ask.