Mounting Your Images

The following is a guide, particularly to new members, as to the best way to print and mount your photos, so that they look good, conform to the guidelines set out by outside bodies, e.g. SPF, PAGB, The RPS etc., and fit in the carry case!

  • Prints should be mounted on good quality cream or black mounting board, e.g. Daler Rowney etc., cut to a maximum of 16″x 20″ (40cm x 50cm).
  • Photographs can be any size smaller than the mount board but it is recommended that it be no larger than 10.5″x 15.8″ and no smaller than 8.25″x 11.5″.
  • Photos should be positioned on the mount board so that there is a little more space at the bottom than the top, left and right.
  • If using a letterbox format print the height of the mount should be trimmed accordingly.
  • If using a window mount then it should be backed with rigid card.


  • Photos should be attached to mount board using a good adhesive spray mount, such as 3M, or proper mounting tissue.
  • Photos should be attached to window mounts using a good quality tape. Masking tape is not suitable as it start to peel within hours and can stick to another print.
  • If using black mount board, a permanent felt tip marker can be applied to the edges of the mount to unify the colour.
  • Materials can be purchased from good art shops or, if enough people are interested, the club can bulk buy products to sell to members at cost price.

Commitee members will be only too willing to advise if you are unsure of anything, so please ask.