Image Size and Formatting

When submitting your images digitally (i.e. not printed) please use the following guidelines:

File Type                –   jpeg
Image Mode          –   RGB Colour
Colour Depth        –   8 bits only
Colour Space         –   sRGB
Compression         –   None
Layers                     –   Flattened
Alpha Channels    –   Removed

Pixel Dimensions/Image Size   –   you should re-size your images to pixel size 1400 x 1050 landscape/1050 x 1400 portrait,  96 dpi.

Maximum File Size    –   setting the above pixel dimensions will limit the file size. Unless you are emailing images you should not require to lower it from this.

Transfer Media   –   Images should be submitted  on CD or, if agreed in advance, email.

Filename   –   Your images should be numbered 01, 02 and 03 etc.  followed by the title of the image (maximum of 15 characters with no spaces) followed by your membership number.  E.g. The file name for the 1st image from an author with membership number 31 of a misty Loch Ard , would be 01MistyLochArd31.

CD  –  Place all you images into a folder titled with your name and membership number, before burning the CD.

Other points:

    • The Image itself must not display the title or author’s name.
    • You must ensure that no virus is present on your CD.
    • When you write your files to a CD, make sure that the session is closed.
    • Write your name, membership number and photo titles on the CD.
    • Please do not stick labels onto your CD.

Information taken from the Scottish Photographic Federation website.