Club Meeting 01 September 2016 (Opening Night)

Welcome to the 2016-2017 Season

The year has gone by so quickly, and it is already time to start a new season. It was good to see everyone on opening night. Once again, we entertained some potential new members over tea, who I hope will find the club welcoming and to their liking.

This time we had two exhibitions to display: our usual library exhibition (thanks to John Knox and Joe Fowler) and our exhibition from the 2016 Musselburgh Riding Of The Marches (thanks to Liz Sowler and Charlie Briggs).

This year our syllabus kicks off on 8th September with a presentation and discussion about our club competitions. I will be giving a live demonstration showing how digital projected images can be resized, and also explaining how to mount competition prints. Click here for a syllabus listing.

Speaking of competitions, our competition calendar starts early this year. Submission of images for the Digital Projected Images competition is on 8th September (next week), with the judging taking place on 29th September. Any subject is accepted, and you don’t need to print or mount the images. Find three of your best images and send them to George as JPEG files. If you don’t know how to resize the images, bring them to the club meeting on 8th September and we will resize them live. The second competition is the Transport set subject competition, with submission on 22nd September and judging on 13th October. Click here for a full listing of competition dates.