Club Meeting 04 February 2016 (Black and White Print Competition)

This week we had the last print competition of the season. Gerry Tomkinson of Midlothian Camera Club judged our black and white print entries. Gerry remarked on the quality of the mounting for some entries. Some of the entries had too many competing details in the same frame, and he advised us to get in close and capture one subject. Gerry also wondered if some of the subjects (coloured fruit or foliage) would have been better as colour prints. Overall, there was a good standard maintained, with many members achieved the second highest score of 17 points in one or more of their prints. The top image was

  • Seymour Stiffs – The Undertaker (George Todd)

A special mention goes to “Zeb” by Kevin Johnston – a highly inventive abstract which triggered a discussion about what the subject actually was (a close-up of a zebra’s hide). It was a great idea. The final result was

  • 1st Place – George Todd
  • 2nd Place – Charlie Briggs and Mike Clark
  • 3rd Place – Joe Fowler, SImon Wilkinson, Steve Williams and Elaine Gilroy

Well done to George and the other winners. Holding up the field in last place was your chairman :(. Every now and then, anyone can have a bad competition, but you listen to the feedback and keep on trying. It’s the joy of the photography that counts. 🙂