Club Meeting 08 September 2016 (Competition Requirements)

The evening began with a brief introduction to the club web site. (If you are reading this, then the introduction was successful :)). If you would like to subscribe to the posts made to the club web site, go to the “home” page and enter your email address into the “Follow” box. You will then be emailed each time there is a new post. Alternately, you can check the “Members Posts” page every now and then to read any posts you missed.

Next I gave a presentation on the club competitions and showed how to prepare images for the digital projected images or print competitions. By popular request, my presentation has been saved on the web site. You can read it here:


The most important new points are:

  • If you have good images, please submit them to the competition secretary at any time. We need good images for the inter-club competitions, and a lot of these take place before our internal competitions.
  • Print entries must be accompanied by digital versions. This will give us more flexibility in the club competitions.
  • Please enter. Don’t hold back because you think you aren’t good enough. Entering the competitions will improve your photography, and even the best photographers in the world needed to start from somewhere.
  • Most of all, good luck and have fun!