Club Meeting 11 February 2016 (Winter Scene Digital Knockout Competition)

This week we had our winter scene digital knockout competition. In a departure from the usual competition format, members can both enter and judge the competition, with the winners decided by popular vote. 21 images were entered, with some arriving at the very last minute. The competition was arranged using the tried and tested formula of “making it up as we go along”, which seemed to work well.  There were shots of snow scenes, frozen rivers, snow-laden trees and familiar landmarks. We discussed whether some of the shots needed a better sky, or a more prominent subject. The colour of the snow is important in a winter scene, and we discussed the colour balance used in some of the shots. Does the snow need to be white, or should it reflect the colour of the sky?

The winning image was Kenny Sharp’s winter night sky shot of a snowy path running in between some trees with a specular aurora lighting up the sky. Second place went to Joe Fowler for his image of Portobello sea front in the snow (helped by the strong perspective and the rule which allowed  the most popular rejected image to be promoted back into contention whenever a round contained an odd number of images). Third place went to Martin Robertson for his image of a lone, snow-laden tree. Kenny won a novelty lens mug. Since this was a winter scene event, boxes of snowballs were distributed to the winners; and the rest of us (who were quick enough) enjoyed a snowball with their cup of tea.