Club Meeting 12 October 2017 (Digital Projected Images Competition)

This evening our first competition of the season, Digital Projected Images, was judged by George Nielson ARPS of Edinburgh Photographic Society. George’s speciality is sports photography. George had received and judged 81 images but only 78 of those images were displayed on the night. The subjects included flowers, landscapes, wildlife, portraits, macro, and a few imaginative abstracts.

Common issues were small distractions near the corner of an image. George explained that the corners of an image are very important areas, which can draw your eye in or distract your eye away from a subject. Before submitting an image, check for distractions near the corners. Crop or clone them out. George recommended keeping frames around images to a width of 2 pixels only, as some thick frames were distracting from the central image. Some of the images were not sharp, possibly due to camera shake or depth of field problems. There were, however, a large number of images which George felt deserved high marks.

6 of the images entered had gone missing, and George kindly agreed to mark them in arrears. Since the marks for those images have not yet been received, the following results are provisional. The top scorers were (in reverse order):

  • 5th place (51 points)
    • Steve Williams
  • 4th place (53 points)
    • Mike Clark
  • 3rd place (55 points)
    • Joe Fowler
  • 2nd place (56 points)
    • Jennifer Davidson
  • 1st place (59 points)
    • Jim Tod

The top images were

  • Triathlon Swimmer (Jennifer Davidson) – 20 points
  • Mist on Castle (Joe Fowler) – 20 points
  • Kingfisher (Jim Tod) – 20 points
  • Rattray Head (Jim Tod) – 20 points
  • X Craft Sunset (Mike Clark) – 20 points
  • Nigella Seed head (Steve Williams) – 20 points
  • Nuthatch (Jennifer Davidson) – 19 points
  • Osprey (Jim Tod) – 19 points
  • Catching the Light – Diamond Beach (George Todd) – 19 points

Congratulations to Jim Tod for an almost clean sweep with a fabulous trio of images. Congratulations should also go to new members Alex Morrice and Sandra Crowhurst, who achieved good marks in their first MCC competition:

  • Burano (Alex Morrice) – 18 points.
  • San Giorgio Maggiore (Alex Morrice)  – 18 points.
  • Pink Calletephus (Sandra Crowhurst)  – 17 points

A special mention should go to the following image for its entertainment value:

  • So That’s What This Button Does (Maggie Lumsden)  – 13 points. Although this received only 13 points on the night, it was good to see a photographer trying something different and producing something entertaining, even if the verdict was, “don’t press that button again”.

The 9 images that were not shown on the night will be shown at a future club meeting. A big “Thank You” to George Nielson for marking so many images for us.