Club Meeting 19 October 2017 (Keep It Simple Stupid)

This evening Neil Scott FRPS of Edinburgh Photographic Society entertained us with his talk “Keep It Simple Stupid”. Neil showed us how an aware-winning image can be created from the simplest of components: a small jug, a single flower, a petal, and space, lots of space. Neil uses space in his images to make an impact, proving that the often-heard judge’s comment of “crop out this empty space” doesn’t always apply. Neil’s images were sometimes surrealist, but always fascinating. Sometimes the ugliest subjects make the most striking photographs: such as pieces of rusty metal revealed in striking colours.

Neil revealed some of his secrets. Use a piece of black velvet to make a contrasting background, but make sure the velvet is free from dust and creases. Use mountboard to make an interesting background. Make an “infinity curve” to use as a background, which will eliminate unwanted corners in the background.

All in all a very entertaining evening.