Club Meeting 22 February 2018 (Swedish Interclub)

This week we gathered to discuss the 61 images sent to us from Mölnlycke Fotoklubb in Sweden. The images covered a range of subjects, from abstract water scenes, striking landscapes and sunsets, clever portraits, wildlife photographs, and a fun days out.  It was a chance for all of us to practice being judges and give a critique on each image. How do you compare the quality of an abstract image against a portrait, or a portrait against a landscape scene? There were some differences of opinion. Should the motorbike and collection of scrap metal be cropped out from the scene of children playing, or does it establish the environment? Are blurred objects in the foreground a distraction, or does the narrow depth of field add impact? Does the lack of contrast make a scene less punchy, or does it add atmosphere? We all votes for our favourite 10 images, and at the end of the night 3 images came out as clear winners.

  • In first place was a striking wildlife image of two squabbling birds.
  • In second place was a beautiful starscape, showing tree branches silhouetted against noctilucent clouds.
  • In third place was a landscape image showing mountains covered in snow and the sun bursting through the clouds.

We look forward to hearing the comments from Mölnlycke Fotoklubb when we send our images to them.