Club Meeting 22 March 2018 (Pecha Kucha Night)

On 22nd March we had our annual Pecha Kucha night. “Pecha Kucha” is a method of giving precise presentations, where each presenter can only show 20 images and spend no more than 20 seconds describing each image. To give all members a chance to show their images within a single club evening, we bend the rules slightly and restrict everyone to 10 images. This is the evening where anything goes, and members showed a variety of images, ranging from places they had visited, and ideas discovered on the web, to images from photographers they aspire to. It was a great opportunity to share a great many ideas in one evening. Thank you to everyone who took part.

During the evening, Joe Fowler also gave a summary of the recent “Borders Digital Challenge” competition for those who couldn’t make it because of the bad weather. 12 clubs took part, and the final result was:

  • 1st place:    Musselburgh  – 146 points
  • 2nd place:    Dumfries       – 144 points
  • 3rd place:    Galashiels     – 141 points
  • 4th place:     Morpeth        – 135 points
  • 5th place=:   Amble           – 131 points
  • 5th place=:   Earlston        – 131 points
  • 7th place:     Peebles        – 126 points
  • 8th place:     Kelso            –  125 points
  • 9th place:     Berwick        – 124 points
  • 10th place:   Hawick         – 121 points
  • 11th place:   Liddesdale   – 120 points
  • 12th place:  Abbey           – 116 points

Well done to Musselburgh for 3 inter-club wins in succession! Thank you to Hawick for hosting the competition, even through heavy snow.