Club Meeting 24 March 2016 (Set Subject Competition – “Abstract”)

Do you have the seeing eye? When you are out and about, do people come up to you and ask what on Earth you are photographing? So asked Anita Nutter, who judged our final set subject competition with the theme of “abstract”. Finding a good abstract subject requires a good eye for detail. There could be a good photograph right under your feet, over your head, on the surface of a building, or buried in the middle of what looks like a pile of rubbish. Anita praised the photographers who had captured the key features of a scene but warned us not to photograph someone else’s artwork (such as graffiti on a wall) unless we make it part of our own composition. There were good entries across the board, showing the phenomenal imagination of club members. The top images were:

  • Star Spangled Banner (Simon Wilkinson)
  • Power To The People (Steve Williams)
  • Blocked drain (Lorraine Roberts)
  • The Boneyard (Malcolm Roberts)
  • Light Bulb Bokeh (George Todd)
  • Bubbles (Helen Lunden)
  • Life (Lesley McMillan)

The top scorers were:

  • 3rd place (51 points)
    • Lorraine Roberts
    • Helen Lunden
    • Kevin Johnson
  • 2nd place (52 points)
    • Malcolm Roberts
    • George Todd
    • Steve Williams
    • Lesley McMillan
  • 1st place (53 points)
    • Simon Wilkinson

Simon Wilkinson wins the remaining A0-sized print. Well done to everyone. I think we have a record number of top images and top scorers for this competition.

When the scores from all three set-subject competitions (“coast”, “dereliction” and “abstract”) are added up, the overall winners are:

  • 3rd place (grand total of 150 points)
    • George Todd
  • 2nd place (grand total of 151 points)
    • Mike Clark
    • Simon Wilkinson
  • 1st place (grand total of 154 points)
    • Steve Williams