Club Meeting 26 January 2017 (Flower Photography)

This week Steve McGonnell from Edinburgh Photographic Society gave us a talk entitled “The Threats and Opportunities of Flower Photography”. Steve used his own images to take us on a tour of flower photography and tell us about the opportunities that come from your garden or from local garden centres. Beautiful flowers are all around us and make excellent photographic subjects. The threats to flower photography come from poor lighting (too much sunshine or not enough light) and from the wind (making your subject blur). Steve tries to photograph his flowers in the shade, but uses reflectors and diffusers to control the light or to protect a flower from the wind. One of the best places to photograph a flower is on a windowsill indoors, where it is protected from the wind but you can still use the garden as a background. Steve showed us his favourite equipment, which included his Tamron 90mm macro lens and a pistol grip tripod head. The evening finished with a round robin judging session, where members took it in turns to comment on flower images. All in all a very enjoyable evening.

For information, I find my most unusual flowers to photograph either from local garden centres or from Gardening Scotland, where exhibitors show and sell the latest varieties of plants. Click the link for more information.