Club Meeting 31 March 2016 (An Evening With Musselburgh Art Club)

On 31st March we had a very pleasant shared evening with Musselburgh Art Club. Joe Fowler showed a selection of images from the Musselburgh Camera Club collection, with a brief critique of each, and Musselburgh Art Club showed us a selection of their artwork, again with a brief critique. There were landscapes, still life subjects, portraits and abstract art. I was struck by the similarity of our two different artforms. The “rule of thirds” applies both to paintings and photography. The relationship between a subject and its background is also important. In photography you can modify the background with your choice of position, choice of lens and depth of focus (or change the background using Photoshop). In painting you create your own background, but the underlying rules are the same. It was interesting to see the different effects created by oil, acrylic or watercolour paints. The different textures and drying times of these paints change the way they can be blended together. By comparison, photographers normally change the appearance and texture of a photograph by changing the paper it is printed on (and/or by processing it in Photoshop), rather than by changing the ink.

I look forward to our next annual get-together.