Club Meeting 6 October 2016 (Photo Advice Night)

Thank you everyone who brought in their prints and who took part in the lively photo advice night this week. There was a lot of technical advice given, and opinions expressed about composition and post-processing technique. We all have differing opinions about what makes a good image, so getting critique from a large group of people gives a more balanced view. Once you have worked on an image for a while, you lose the ability to assess its impact when seen for the first time (coming back to an image after a long break helps). Other people may also spot small distractions (like dust spots, litter or people in the background) which you haven’t noticed. The evening features in a Musselburgh Camera Club Facebook post.

The Musselburgh Camera Club Flikr group is also a good way of getting critique from others. If you want to join, sign up for Flikr and ask Mike Clark (or another existing member) to invite you to the group.