Trophy Winners 2011 – 2012

  Club Competitions  –  2011 – 12

Colour Print

Gold Medal                 Anita Nutter

Silver Medal               Derek Stein

Bronze Medal             Delvin Stonehouse @ Dougie Williams

Projected Images

Gold Medal                 Anita Nutter @ Doughie Williams

Silver Medal                Scott Currie

Bronze Medal             Jennifer Davidson


Gold Medal                Dougie Williams

Silver Medal              Charles Briggs @ Anita Nutter

Bronze                         Jennifer Davidson @ Delvin Stonehill

Monochrome Print

Gold Medal                Delvin Stonehill

Silver Medal              John Fowler @ Anita Nutter

Bronze                        Charles Briggs @ Doughie Williams

Set Subject

Gold Medal               Jennifer Davidson

Silver  Medal             Robert Wilson

Bronze Medal            Terry May

Best Newcomer

Jim Tod

Photographer of the Year

Anita Nutter