MCC Smartphone / tablet app

I’ve put together an app that brings together some of the key parts of the website in one easily accessible place on your smartphone or tablet.

To install the app, open the following link on your device and follow the instructions.

John Scott

5 thoughts on “MCC Smartphone / tablet app

  1. Tried opening the link on iphone, says the server cannot be found. I do have connection to other sites


  2. App will not download to my Nexus. Is the URL OK or is it my Nexus?

    Sorry to bother you again.


  3. It’s not going very well, is it 🙂 The URL should be ok as if you click on the link above it will open in your browser and you will get an idea of what it looks like. The app should run on apple and android devices. I’ve no idea what Nexus runs.

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