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If anyonoe has time to spare over the next week and want some hardcore Photoshop tutorials, then get yourself in front of an internet connected device and watch some of the worlds best photoshop experts who will be showing on from Monday 25th February.

There will be different experts (known as Photoshop Evangelists!) showing live every day and once the live show is done for the day they start showing re-runs and continue to do so until the next days filming begins.

This will continue for the week so more or less any time of the day you can click in and see some great tips and tutorials.

I don’t have a list of the line-up to hand but you can garuntee they will be top notch instructors. This is a free set of workshops while the airing is live or during the reruns, at the end of the week you can purchase any of that weeks offerings as an any time download if you wish.

There’s no registration required, just click on the link and go to the Watch Live tab. There’s also Q&A’s invited via Twitter or through the shows online forum (for the forum you need to put in a username) so you could have your question answered and a demonstration shown by one of the very people that make PHotoshop!

It’s an American creation so bear in mind that the advertised show times will be local to the US and you’ll need to adjust for UK

Creative Live is fab, it’s touted as an online classroom and the classes are mainly photography based, last week had a week of wedding shoots which are filmed as it happened using models and top photographers on location who explained pretty much the full camera to album process, how to get good light, how to pose the subjects and via the forum you could ask questions of the ‘togs as they were posing and shooting, invaluable tips being passed out for free. Tonight there’s a rerun of a course thats been going for the past three days titled fundamentals of photography and learning your way around DSLR’s. If you’d just taken a DSLR out of the box or wanted to knwo how your particular camera worked then an expert was demonstrating and answering questions

It’s a great free resource and if you particularly want a download of one of the courses thats when you pay.


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  1. Update: Theres actually going to be 40 classes over the course of 6 days, so plenty chances to see the live feed or a re-run

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