Club Meeting 12.09.13

I was sorry that I missed Joe’s talk on Thursday, Lynn has advised me that Joe gave a great presentation which was well received by all members.  He spoke about light and composition and how that impacted on your image. To get the best image possible, it is crucial to consider the light, time of day and view point.  He also explained about what judges look for to give a high mark out of 20.  He spoke about varying colour of mounts and how this can make an image more eyecatching and also using letter box presentation.

So there should now be no excuse for not putting your images into the competitions!!

On that point please do not forget to get two digital images onto a CD with the file name only showing your club number followed by the image title and bring it along to the next meeting (Thursday 19.09.12), for the ‘Digital Image Club Competition’.

Next week we have our first major talk by Hunter Kennedy, who is a highly qualified photographer

Hunter Kennedy has been a member of Carluke CC for over 30 years and has held several offices including President. He has taken his photography seriously since 2000 and by 2009 had achieved both EFIAP and MPAGB.

He is a regular supporter of International Salons and is in demand in the UK as a lecturer and judge. Hunter’s main photographic interests are landscape and people, which he prefers not posed or rehearsed, a pure candid shot.

I recommend that all members make an effort to come along and hear him talk and see his amazing prints.




4 thoughts on “Club Meeting 12.09.13

  1. Unfortunately my work has got in their first so have missed the first two meetings, will be the same next week then i’ll be back.

    You could maybe persuade joe to do a little video for the mounting techniques then upload it to the site….just a thought 🙂

    I wanted to ask, is there any appetite for a Facebook Musselburgh Camera page? I reckon most members will use social media now and it is a lot faster and easier to upload images and make posts than the word press site. It can be tailored as a private group

    Again, just a thought

    Derek Mack

    • Hi Derek,

      I have already given some thought to a MCC Facebook page and I would certainly be interested in finding out if Members thought that it would be worthwhile. I wouldn’t want it to take away from this site or the Flickr page though but if it could be used in a way that augments these then I think it would be worth considering.

      • They can all be linked but can run independent of each other. Posts on WordPress and Flickr posts can be shared via Facebook.
        it’s not always easy to post to the WordPress based website which is frustrating.

        Theres some form of approval needed for some but not all posts so it’s not clear when posting to members whether that post will ever be seen.

        There are several posts still waiting ‘approval’ from both other members and myself which were submitted a good while back and I think the difficulty in posting has an affect on how well the site’s used.

        Thats certainly not the case with Facebook and rather than it being seen as a replacement it’s more aligned to the social side, it’s an easy medium to arrange meets and networking and photo opportunities, there’s lots of other photo pages that members can share….(can you tell i’ve been won over!)

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