Epson R1800 Printer

Good morning all,

I have an Epson R1800 printer looking for a good home. Completely FREE, it just requires you to collect. It is on the large size and connects by a USB lead, so you’ll need room next to your computer. About 30in,(sorry I can only deal in old money), should cover it.

It uses two black inks, five colours and a gloss optimiser, though this one has a CISS fitted, so no expensive replacement cartridge costs. The present set has about a half set of ink left,(that will be a lot of photos). When that runs out you can either buy more ink or install the new Perma-Jet CISS kit I that,if wanted, I also have ready to go with the printer. Don’t worry about ink quality as these inks are equal to Epson’s own. There is a disc for drivers etc but these can always be downloaded from the net if required.

If you want this printer get in touch, either by showing your interest via this site and speaking with me next club meeting or email Clive and I’m sure he will gladly pass on your message. If it isn’t wanted by a club member I shall give it a fortnight then post it on Freecycle etc.