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Hi All,
I am still planning to visit Glen Coe. It may be mid week and when the weather looks good. There are tame deer in Glen Etive. I plan a day trip to the area. Let me know if you are interested.
i fancy a day at edinburgh zoo. Its likely this will be mid week and when the light is good.
let me know if you are interested

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  1. Hi Mike, I would be interested in the Glencoe trip although maybe toiling to get time off. If you can keep me posted if/when you confirm details. Thanks Fiona

  2. Hi Mike
    I am definitely interested in a visit to Edinburgh Zoo. As i am a member of the Zoo, i can get you in at discount admission cost.
    Ian Keenan

  3. Hello Mike,
    I would be interested in the zoo and midweek is no problem. Just let me know if and when,please.
    The Glen Coe as much as I would love to go would, I think, be a little too much for my back.
    all the best,
    Terry May

  4. Hi Mike,
    I would be interested in a trip to Glen Coe. I will need to try and get time off work so if you could keep me updated re your plans I will try and join you. Thanks
    Fiona Winchester

  5. Hi Mike
    I would be interested in the trip to Glen Coe. Keep me in the loop about when this could happen. Cheers.

  6. Hi Mike I’d be interested in both depending on the days .Will probaby catch up with you at MCC. Jennifer

  7. OK Guy’s – quite a lot of interest in Glen Coe. Script is trip will take place either this coming Thursday, friday, saturday or Sunday. I will monitor the weather- loads of snow falling just now and decide which day looks best. plan to leave early and home when we have had enough perhaps catch sunset too?
    If you are interested please call me on Wednesday evening on 07722887278. First come first served. If the weather is looking poor the trip will be postponed.

  8. Trip postponed due to pending bad weather over the weekend. Mike

  9. Hi is anybody free this Friday weather looking good Mike

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