Club meeting 22nd October

We are very pleased to have 2 Swedish members of Musselburgh Camera Club.  Members of their Molnlycke Fotoklubb, near Gotenberg, had sent 70 digital images for the Musselburgh Club to look at and comment on. Joe Fowler had translated the Swedish titles into the English description that fitted the image best, and introduced each one. Club members viewed all the images and made comments and suggestions.

The images were technically of a  very high standard. Particularly the handling of difficult exposures on sunny snowy scenes. The subjects were very refreshing – almost no postproduction manipulation which is so common in UK images. The photographers had sought out stunning angles and views of their everyday surroundings. Feedback will be sent back to Sweden. We hope to continue this connection in future,

REMEMBER REMEMBER 5th November submission of Human Portrait Prints