Night Sky Photography Workshop Royal Observatory Edinburgh 24 November 7PM

This is for everyone who put their name down for the above. Alistair Peacock from Galashiels Camera Club has organised this and it looks like there will be quite a large and wide ranging attendance – 28 people from 6 different camera clubs throughout Southern Scotland!

Please note the details below and let me know whether or not you are still ok to attend by return email ( I will liaise with Alistair to confirm our numbers.

Although there is a fair bit of parking at the Observatory, it may be worthwhile organising car sharing. I have listed the people from Musselburgh but I do not guarantee I have not missed anyone. If so drop me an email. Arrange car sharing between yourselves but if anyone is stuck and is coming from the east side of Edinburgh, let me know.

Ken Sharp

Robert Stewart

Steven Beard

Derek Mack

Malcolm and Lorraine Roberts

Mike Clark

Gavin Marshall

Steve Williams

Alan Fitchie

Please see the below from Dr Eric Tittley (our host on the evening). It details how to get there, what to expect and what to bring.

Regards Ken

Hey Alistair!

There is a minor amount of confusion at our end to determine if the venue we will be using is actually available.  All indications are that it is, but those in the know aren’t sure.  I’m still awaiting confirmation but you need a reply sooner. Like, today.

I’m going to go with the venue being available and everything a go from our end for next Tuesday, November 24 at 7pm.  In the worst situation, we move from the rooftop gallery to the lecture theatre which makes no difference to your club.

The plan is to have a brief overview of astrophotography with some compulsory pretty pictures.  Then there will be a brief overview of camera terminology and what it means to astrophotography.  Then we’ll have a “get to know your camera in the dark” session, which will be done indoors.   If weather is agreeable, we will take our cameras outdoors and try what we’ve learned.  If it is just cloudy, we can take photos of the skyline.  If it is raining, we can try some things indoors.

Everyone should bring:

* warm clothes

* a camera

* a lens or two (wide to mid range. Nothing with a focal length longer than 100mm. Faster is better.)

* a tripod. (Small is good for training and reduces folks tripping over it, even though a massive tripod is best in practice).

Stuff that will make life easier:
* a *small* flashlight, preferably with a red filter.
* the manual for their camera


OH!  I forgot to add what to do on arriving:

The ROE is located:

Put EH9 3HJ in your GoogleMaps to get yourselves here.

There is plenty of parking outside the gates.  Enter through the gates and stick to the right, coming through the door that says “Visitors Centre”, up a wee incline. 

We can collect in the Visitor’s Centre before I take you too the venue.  Please have everyone here for 18:45 or so.





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  1. I will be driving to the observatory from Prestonpans, so I can pick up a few people from Musselburgh on the way. Please let me know if you would like a lift.

    The observatory car park can be quite dark and full of puddles, so I recommend taking a torch and wearing waterproof shoes.


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