60th Jubilee of Fisherrow Sailing Club

The club has received the following email from Inez Visser of Fisherrow Sailing Club. If you are interesting in videoing  a boat crane in Fisherrow Harbour on Friday 28th April, please email Max Blinkhorn (maxblinkhorn@hotmail.com) or David Banks (davidjamesbanks@gmail.com). MCC members are also invited to a reception at Musselburgh town hall on 15th June 2017. For more information, please email Inez at inez@inez.demon.co.uk. Here is the full message:

This year 2017 is the 60th Jubilee of Fisherrow Sailing Club and we have planned a series of events over and above our normal sailing programme.  We would be delighted to get your members ‘on board’ too.  I am sorry this first request is very short notice, but we would be grateful if one of your members could video the boat crane in at the harbour on Friday 28th April.   I cannot coordinate this first request personally as I will be away next week, but if you contact Max Blinkhorn or David Banks, they should give you the finer details.    Max will be at our club rooms in 97 New Street Fisherrow for a new members open afternoon from 3pm this Sunday 22nd.
A video is planned for show at our exhibition in the Musselburgh Museum from June 15th  to 29th July and Max thought it would be good to include the crane in along with some old footage.  Then our commodore Mark came out with the idea of using a drone to fly with camera over the harbour come up close Mark and then Mark would be recorded making a welcome.  I hope your club is not inundated with such requests.Baring teeth smile emoticon
On the evening of June 15th, 6 for 6.30 we are hosting a reception in the Musselburgh Town Hall, we do not plan to push the boat out, but we are going to attempt to push in two boats of contrasting vintages. There should be some comedy of errors footage / stills potential in that, but more importantly we would be delighted to invite any of your members to come along with our without cameras,  to celebrate with us as part of the Musselburgh Community.
The exhibition will move  to the Brunton for the August Fringe,  I am also negotiating for space at the John Gray centre, but the space is extremely limited. Over and above the Musselburgh Yarn Bombers who use our premises have just been requested to undertake some pieces which celebrate our jubilee.
I look forward to hearing from you and hopefully meeting you in person soon.
All the very best,
Inez Visser, FUCJ coordinator