Digital Projected Images Submission Brought Forward

Our competition secretary, George, is going away on holiday and has asked for the submission deadline for the Digital Projected Images competition to be brought forward. Please can you send your three images to George ( by SUNDAY SEPTEMBER 17th (instead of the 21st September date printed in the syllabus).

The SPF rules for digital images have changed. Images must now be resized so the largest edge is no larger than 1600 pixels and the smallest edge must be no larger than 1200 pixels. This means that 4:3 ratio images can be submitted as 1600×1200 (landscape) or 1200×1600 (portrait), but a 1:1 square format image must be 1200×1200. Intermediate formats must fit within a 1600×1200 box. I will show how to do this at next week’s “Competition Requirements” presentation.

We have a very early inter-club competition this year (on 1st November, before most of our club competitions), so if you have any good digital images available now, please send them to George. The earlier we can collect these images the better.

See you next week.