Amsterdam – What should I photograph?

Hi Everyone, thought I would make use of my new Author status!

I am going to Amsterdam for a few days next week and will obviously be taking my camera.

Does anybody have any suggestions for places I should go to take photos?


Thanks Martin

1 thought on “Amsterdam – What should I photograph?

  1. Hello Martin,
    The main railway station is a good starting point and you can get good all round views. There are plenty of canals/ bridges but you need to move off the normal viewpoints as any photos from them can end up looking like the easily available tourists postcards. There are canal tours usually available so they can offer opportunities. Then there’s flower markets, there are two or three, are worth a visit. If you go out to the suburbs there are some nice little communities built around small dykes. You can often catch someone fishing if not, herons will be.
    Be careful of the cycle lanes as cyclists have right of way and they tend to let you know it.(Parking their front wheels in unnatural places is not very pleasant). Keep the camera out of sight in the Red Light areas as they can be a bit edgy about photographers.
    Have an good time.

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