Club Meeting 09.02.12

Mark Davey from Calumet returned again to give us guidance and ideas on how to take photos relating to ‘Movement & Action’.
The great benefit of his talk related to the example of his images, giving the settings used which was very useful to see the correct way of ‘getting that wow image’.

He suggested that using manual settings was the best approach, work out where the subject ‘might be’ and manually focus and  set appropriate speed, aperture  and iso that you will get the correct exposure. Pan the camera to get the sense of movement and using a wide aperture (low F number) to throw the background out of focus.

He touched on ‘infill flash’ which help to freeze the image –  very useful on many occasions.
I am hoping that Mark will return next season to talk to us on how to use ‘flash’ to best advantage.

Remember the 12 way competition at the Mining Museum (just outside Dalkeith) this Sunday, you do not have to stay all day, just pop in during the day and see what it is all about.
See my e mail of earlier this week or look on web site under’ Chairman’s  Comments’.

On the subject of the web site, please make every effort to ‘sign up’ to it, if you need help see Rob, Ross or Dougie next week and they will help you sign up.
I wish to have everyone on board by the end of Feb., then I can circulate comments via the site and not have to duplicate the work by using two mediums.

NEXT WEEK – We have Michael and Brenda Thomson, who judged our Colour Print and Portrait comps. they are presenting their own work,
so it will be interesting to see their efforts – you can ‘mentally’ give them marks!