First Club Meeting of the Season 6th Sept.

I was pleased to welcome everyone and especially to a good number of  prospective members who have come along tonight.

We have an interesting and challenging syllabus this season taking us through each Thursday evening until the middle of April.

All clubs and organizations whether it is sport, cultural, craft or horticulture etc, do have some area of competition where  members have something to work towards  and have their effort judged.

Whether it is an umpire, ref or judge – although there are rules they all have their own interpretation of their subject and it is very easy to criticize their judgement.

We have five  competitions this year – the purpose of having these is to have something to work towards and to develop one’s skills and have comments made on our efforts, even if you do not agree with them they usually have some elements that if taken on board can add to our photographic development.

There are  always certain people who have that extra talent and will come out on top, so winning is not the purpose of this club’s competitions.

So as they say ‘it is the journey and the experience’ that really matters and brings its own rewards.

Building on one’s skills, enjoying  this splendid  hobby and creating that image which  is above the average is what matters.

We all work together as a team – and if you need any advise there is always someone in the club that will help you – just ask.

We rent this room from 7pm so there is an opportunity to have some training in the half hour prior to the meeting, so if you need help or want someone to look at some of you pictures. then let me know and I will arranged for one of our more experienced members to spend some time with you.

Our meeting on the 22nd Nov. will be held at Beeslack CC at Penicuik, where Charlie Waite the Landscape photographer will give a lecture. This is a ticketed event ( £10) and we have asked for 20 tickets, which we have  to pay for in advance. Therefore I have put up a notice on the notice board, so if you would like to go please put your name down or send me an e mail and David will collect the money from you over next couple of weeks.

Del is still not yet mobile and we again send him our best wishes for a speedy recovery as we need him back at the club – so we ask Anita to send our best wishes to him and hope he is back soon.

Last night we had an introduction to Photoshop Elements, a demonstration of mounting prints and advice on printing and the types of photo paper to use. Again if anyone wishes for more help or information’ please let me know and I will arrange for someone to help you.

Hope to see you all next week.