Grad and ND filters

Anyone got any advice on low cost but decent filters? Looking to experiment, not too expensive. Are the square type best?

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  1. I have a set of 3 hi tek nd grads with lens rings and holders for sale.

  2. I’ve got some 85mm ND grads (1,2,3 stop) and a filter holder that you could borrow as you experiment before deciding if you want to buy- then you can get the best you can afford with confidence that you like them. If you let me know the filter thread size then I might have an adapter that suits also. They aren’t expensive filters but do a job and might help you decide what you like before you spend money.
    On standard ND’s, I’m with Gavin, 7dayshop will do them for £5-6 to fit in same holder if it’s for trying out.

    The 85mm ones aren’t great for really wide angle stuff (which is why they sit unused here at the moment as I’ve got 100mm ones) but if you want to borrow them for a while let me know and we can sort out.

  3. If you have a couple of spare, same size, circular polorizer filters I can make you a variable Nd filter. Just a pair of cheap ones is all that’s needed and then as said earlier you can see if that’s what you like or want.

  4. I’ve just taken possesion of my first full frame camera and at the time of typing this I only have 2 lenses for it, a 50mm and a 70-200mm which have filter sizes of 55mm 77mm. I also have a 18-135mm lens which has a filter size of 67mm which i use on a 7D crop sensor. My intention is to get another midrange lens for the full frame, possibly a 24-70 but I don’t have the thread size for that and it’s not going to be till after christmas before i can get that. So, realistically for now i’ll be experimenting with either the 70-200 on the full frame or my 18-135. I got an email update for another couple of replies which when I log onto the webpage i can’t see. Happy to buy second hand if any of these sizes work out

    • Scottylad2

      I’ve got a 77mm thread adapter for the 85mm holder and you can pick up a 67mm one from 7dayshop for about £4 to give them both a go. I’ll try and remember to bring the 3 grad ND filters, holder and 77mm adapter along next thursday or let me know if you want to pick them up before then. This will let you give them a go for little outlay and decide if you like what they do for you.
      I don’t know who scottylad2 is at the club so give me a clue.


  5. Jim, thanks very much for that it’s very kind of you. I’ll get them next Thursday at the club.

    I’m Derek,a nnew member this term (but not been to the last 3 meetings). See you next week

    Thanks to everyone for responding


  6. As the others have said,go to 7day shop for adaptor rings to take each of your lenses up to the largest size e.g.77mm.,then with a Cokin P type holder the one set of filters will suit all your lenses.Incidentally some circular filters will also fit the square holder.
    Try an infra-red filter you can have a lot of fun and some great effects!
    Gus Langlands

  7. cheers for the tips, I’ll no doubt be after more once i get starte with them. I want to get some decent sunsets/ups (as i type this we have just had a hail storm so maybe wishful thinking!)

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