Club Meeting 18.10.12

While I was away, I had the opportunity to put my ‘nose’ into the specialised book on my recent purchased camera. The benefit of this type of book over the basic manual is that it does explain why it is better to do certain things with various recommendations to menu settings and general operation. I can now get the camera to do certain actions which I was not aware of before, therefore if you do not have such a publication for you camera, I would recommend that you have a look on Amazon and see what they have.

Following the meeting of three weeks ago regarding the PAGB awards, Rod Wheelans spoke about presentation and types of paper. He is sponsored by Perma Jet and showed the different types of photo paper they supply.

I looked into this and found that you can purchase ‘Test Packs’  and decided to buy their test pack for ‘DigitalPhoto 1’, consisting of five sheets each of five types of paper(there are others for different papers) – the best price was from Amazon at £13.10 (free delivery).

From their web site you can download an image which you can print on each type of paper and send it to them and they will run a test and come up with a dedicated ICC Profile based on the output of your printer, which they e mail and can easily be loaded onto your printer file.

I did this and got the profile by return and the print I now get gives me the image on the monitor, certainly improving upon my usual ‘hit or miss’.

I plan to get other test packs in order to experiment with different types of paper so that it will be easier to decide which paper type suites which images.

Have a look at their web site –

Many members have their own ideas on papers, but if any members are interested we could have an informal group where we could ‘swop notes’ and purchase photo papers (boxes of 25, or cheaper 50) and split them up. Let me know if there is any interest and we can then take it further.

Tonight we had the benefit of hearing from Liz Sowler and Joe Fowler who gave us an insight into their interest in photography and things to look for. The two entries which Joe had accepted for the very high standard of the Dingwall Photo comp. was ‘Flat Out'(cyclist), which was highly commended and the cows at the Targ Mahal.

If you go to     www. you will be able to see the award winning images.

Jim Todd swopped his contribution with Liz, so we can see his at the meeting on 7th Feb.

Next week we will be able to see the entries for the Colour Print Comp. with Doughie Allan, from Beeslack Penicuik Camera Club, to give us his thoughts on the images.