Photograph pine martens and badgers

I have Pine Martens and Badgers that I have been feeding for two years now and they come every evening for the food and have built a purpose made hide that can take three people. It is all set up with photographers in mind and I supply all the lighting needed to take some beautiful images of these animals.
I am writing to ask if you could pass this information on to your members again as this time of year is by far the best time to see them as they come in the early part of the evening and I get more visits as food is scarce for them in the wild. I now also have Buzzards that are coming every day and you can see them and photograph them from approx 20 feet from the comfort of the hide.

Thank you
Dave Beatson

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3 thoughts on “Photograph pine martens and badgers

  1. i am certainly interested in this, Would be great if 3 of us from the club could visit and split travel costs?
    I take it the winter wonderland trip around Edinburgh is cancelled tonight due to the weather?

    • Good idea Mike ! Have you put your comment on the Website for everyone to see ? I’m away over Christmas but would be interested in going up in January. I’ve called off tonight and so have Anita and Jennifer. Joe says when the weather is bad that’s the time to get good images ! He’s right of course – but I’m still not going out. Have a great Christmas and all the best for the New Year. Liz

      • yip its on the website for this post, will see if i can find to put it on re winter wonderland

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