Club Meeting 13.12.12

The night photographic outing on 20th Dec. major update

Last night it was discussed and some members are going to go into Edinburgh by train, so Joe Fowler who will guide us around Edinburgh has decided that members going by car meet outside Fisherrow Centre gates by 6.30pm, for car sharing – leave cars outside Fisherrow Centre or they could get locked in.

The idea is then for everyone to meet up at the top of the Waverly Station steps ( by Balmoral Hotel) at 7pm.

There was an enjoyable evening last night when 28 members had the club’s annual Christmas Dinner at the Ravelston Hotel, where not only the restaurant had been modernised, but the food has much improved.

Further to my comments of last week regarding building a digital image of members work, I have tried to work out a way of making it easier for both the members and myself.

To this end I have ordered a supply of CD-RW ( rewritable) discs and utilised a recycled set of ‘plastic jewel boxes, one for each member.  I will set these up and bring them along to the club meeting on the 10th Jan. ( I am away on the 3rd.) The idea is that I would ask you all to copy images onto these and when I have put them on the ‘data base’ I will return them to members for using the next time they are required or you have updated or added to your images.

Meantime it would be helpful if you would set up folders on your PC based on the subjects of the club’s competitions – Digital, Colour Print, Portrait, Monochrome and set subject.

Then copy your images into these categories (jpegs only) – they do not need to be the ones that were in the competitions, they can be anything that you think worth considering and those you might have amended based on the judge’s comments. They can be ones that you have taken over the last eighteen months or earlier if they are special.

Please re name the file names as follows:-  club number and short title

e.g. 00 Short Title.jpeg   –  Please select up to 5 images per subject.

For those that have already supplied me with images, I would be grateful if you would also re do them on the above basis so that we have uniformity and make it easier to load down the files onto a new data base.

There are at least five benefits to obtained by doing the above.

  1. Enabling the selection of images for external competitions and giving advise on how to improve them.
  2. Provide a good selection of images that can be used on ‘Critique Evenings’
  3. New images that can be used for a regular update of our club room gallery, the Library exhibition and open days.
  4. Images for use on the web site.
  5. Give one to one advice to members on how to improve their work.

If you wish to ‘op out’ of this exercise, please let me know and I will withdraw your CD and use it for new members who join us in the new year.

When you get your CD’s copy these folders onto it. I use a free programme for this – Ashampoo Burning Studio 6 –  Google it if you want to use it. It is a more efficient way that ‘cut & paste’ !

Please remember to bring your two monochrome prints to the meeting on the 3rd or 10th Jan.

If I didn’t see you last night, then Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.


2 thoughts on “Club Meeting 13.12.12

  1. Hi Clive
    Unfortunately I will be unable to attend the outing on Thursday. Regarding the CDs for images I will opt out as I still use film cameras rather than digital.
    Have a merry Christmas and a happy New Year.

  2. Is the trip tonight still on, Weather is fairly bad? Im in 2 minds

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