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Dear All
I raised the issue of perhaps having some extra nights to try to deal 
with taking the images from the camera and then post processing them.  
I've only been at this around 15 months and it's clear to me that whilst 
you can't make a silk purse out of a sows ear if the picture in camera 
is dreadful, the difference between a good photo and a great image comes 
from post processing.
On that basis I thought that perhaps other relative newcomers to the 
club ( and more established members) might be interested in getting 
together with me to help each other improve how we deal with post 
processing.  There appear to be loads of different ways of achieving 
similar things, some quick and easy, some complicated and some requiring 
a PhD in software engineering to understand but rather than muddle 
through individually we couold help each other.
There isn't a grand plan for it- it depends what we need but I had 
thought that we might cover
Adobe Camera Raw
Levels, cropping
Layers &blend modes
Layer masks
Sharpening choices
Dodging & Burning
etc, etc
Some weeks might be a useful tutorial from some of the photo/ photoshop 
magazine discs with a trial.  Others might be a walk through from camera 
to finished image from someone and others working on the technique.  We 
might ask one of the club winners to talk through an image in detail 
sometimes as well.
There was talk about off camera flash whichmight be another type of area 
to cover.
My plan was for a Tuesday night at Musselburgh for 1.5-2 hrs once a 
month.  I understand that it might cost about £2-3 per month if ther are 
4/5 of us to cover room hire.
Can you let me know if you're interested in this type of workshop and 
the sort of things that you would like to get from it now. Email me at can you put real names as well as your email address 
in any response.

Jim Tod

5 thoughts on “MCC Tuesday Workshops

  1. Hi Jim, Derek Mack here. I’d happily come to some of these evenings when my shifts allow. Realistically i could do 3 out of 5, possibly 4 out of 5 so whenever you have some dates and topics or programme let me know.

    I use Photoshop and also off camera flash a lot so happy to throw the odd tutorial out there and always looking to learn from others as well.

    I’d also like more hands on evenings where we can get our cameras out, maybe a portrait evening with lighting? Or still life etc etc

  2. Hi Jim, The post processing workshop is something I would be very much interested in.


    John Scott

  3. Hi Jim
    I would like to give newbies help with Elements 11. However, the club would need to buy Elements 11. I have asked Clive but no joy so far. (I use a desktop.)

    John Napier

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