Club Meeting 10.01.13

Happy New Year to everyone.

John Knox gave us an inspiring look at how to make an ‘Audio Visual’ presentation last night.

By using software it seemed to be a realistic idea to put a series of still images into a very viewable experience, that can be used via a projector or on a DVD player, through a TV.   In my opinion it has much greater impact than a straight video show.

We also had the benefit to see a high quality AV relating to Holy Island a group of members had worked on. They have made many others over the past few years and regularly take them around other clubs and care homes etc.

If there are up to five members who would like to set up a further (self funding) group in order to learn more of this subject and perhaps work on a AV project, then please let me know.

There are a number of software packages available, I ‘Googled’ and came up with the following which offers a free trial:-

$69 –  about £43

I started to issue the recordable DVD’s, members who could not make it hopefully will come along next week and pick up their copy.

As a reminder of what this is about I copy below details that I put in my report dated 06.12.12.

” The idea is that I would ask you all to copy images onto these and when I have put them on the ‘data base’ I will return them to members for using the next time they are required.

Meantime it would be helpful if you would set up folders on your PC based on the subjects of the club’s competitions – Digital, Colour Print, Portrait, Monochrome and set subject.

Then copy your images into these categories (jpegs only) – they do not need to be the ones that were in the competitions, they can be anything that you think worth considering, but if they are then you might have amended them based on the judge’s comments. They can be ones that you have taken over the last eighteen months or earlier if they are special.

Please re name the file names as follows:-  club number and short title

e.g.      00 Short Title.jpeg

For those that have already supplied me with images, I would be grateful if you would also re do them on the above basis so that we have uniformity and make it easier to load down the files onto a new data base.

If you wish to ‘op out’ of this exercise, please let me know and I will withdraw your CD and use it for new members who join us in the new year.

Then when you get your CD’s copy these folders onto it. I use a free programme for this – Ashampoo Burning Studio 6 –  Google it if you want to use it. It is a more efficient way that ‘cut & paste !’.”

Next week – We have Judge Brenda Thomson, who give us her views on our submitted Monochrome efforts.

Also please bring in your copy of the DVD so that I can start on the data base.


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  1. I would be interested in getting involved in a project of some sort – AV or otherwise. Something we could do over the Spring/Summer perhaps. I’m open to ideas.

    John Scott

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