Adobe are giving away Photoshop CS2 free & legal ! I know it’s an older version but would be great for any beginners.Just click on this link,choose Mac or Windows version, copy down serial no.and download.easy peasy.

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  1. I left a comment re-this last week in the software section and was going to add on to it so glad this has been posted because I’d forgot! If you have Windows 7, the free software will when you open it alter your colour space to an an older version of Windows and it will change the appearance of Your PC and any open files (interestingly enough not alter the appearance of your images) As soon as you close the programme back down your pc will revert to the way it should be. I don’t know if the same applies to Windows XP or not. In addition to CS2 theres elements 4 and if your into document creation theres Adobe Acrobat 8….Def worth a download

  2. I have seen another post on another site stating that Adobe are not giving away CS2 for free. Apparently Adobe is no longer supporting CS2 but to accommodate licensed holders of CS2 and holders of other licences including Illustratator, CS2 Creative Suite and a plethora of other applications are leaving open Downloads for such persons. I guess Adobe will have something to this effect built into their E.U.L.A. Go to and search under downloads. I would not advise downloading anything from a site you do not know and trust. There are bad people out there who will latch onto something like this.

    I would like to be proved wrong on this but it does have the ring of truth.

  3. John, having downloaded CS2, Photoshop Elements 4, Adobe Acrobat, Illustrator and indesign onto a testing lap-top i can confirm the versions are full size and fully functioning and the serial number for each programme is on display beside the download link.

    You do not need to go to any third party website for the download, Adobe has created a download section for these free programmes. You are correct in that they will no longer be supported but all that means is they will no longer get any updates. As a Photoshop from CS3 through to CS6 user i can tell you that Adobe stop passing out the updates for any version that is not current pretty darn quick. To get the download and the serial numbers direct from the Adobe website you should download from here.

    Adobe have an update policy which goes along the lines of this, If you want to have the current version of a programme, say Photoshop CS6 you can either buy it outright, which costs a few hundred pound or you can upgrade to the current version at a discount if you already own a previous version, the snag is they only allow you to go back 3 versions to upgrade from. I could have upgraded to CS6 from my older version of CS3 but not from CS2.

    Another thing they do is bring out a beta version of their current offering and have it out for about 3 months. While it’s in Beta you could upgrade from CS2 to versions CS5 and CS6 and purchase it at the discounted upgrade price but as soon as it looses the Beta tag then the three version rule is applied.and you can no longer upgrade from CS2, that programme then becomes defunct in their eyes so for a short period they give it away for free. They usually only give about a month for people to download these free versions then the page will dissapear.

    A notable decent addition to that page is Adobe Acrobat if you need to make intractive PDF forms

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