Club Meeting 24.01.13

Neil Scott really illustrated how by using one’s imagination you can create some stunning photos, all you need is black velvet, kitchen table and a life time of getting out there and taking photos.

His task is by no means simple, taking advantage of lighting, plus a certain amount additional lights, he said afterwards that he fits a toilet roll tube (black inside) and fits it over hid flash gun to  get a spot light.

Have a look at his web site ‘’  and you will be able to see even more of his art and his humour.

A challenge to us to take more notice of what is around us and stretch the imagination. We have our set subject competition next with entries to be in by 7th March. the subject is ‘Abstract or something Qwerky’ So will everyone start thinking about it and coming up with some good ideas.

Jim Todd has got his Tuesday’s workshops organised for the eleven members involved. We have now three members who are interested in an AV (Audio/Visual) workshop, we need three more to make it viable, so let me know if you are interested.

Next week we have a AV evening in conjunction with Beeslack Camera Club, this might give some incentive for more members to have a go.

As I have said before there are a number of benefits for  having a data base, apart from selecting competition images, it gives material for training and advice. The greater the range of ability the better.

As advised last week I am planning a Power Point presentation for the meeting on 14th Feb, but still require co operation from some members to bring in their images on the supplied DVD – please put on what you have – they do not need to be ‘perfect’. Just bring them along next week.

I would also be grateful if members who got a mark of 16 and over to bring their prints along next week so that we can make a selection of prints for the forth coming inter club competitions.