Club Meeting 07.02.13

Charlie Briggs and Jim Todd last night let us see what they have been up to and how they have developed their photographic skills. Charlie started out at the age of 12, through film and then buying one of the earliest digital SLR. and now onto an AV production. Charlie proved that you have to work at it, to experiment and to take the wife’s advise to join the best photographic club in Scotland.

Jim started off with a new camera on his Canadian holiday, then moved on gaining experience and has produced a number of skilfully worked out abstract images. He wants to develop further his skills and to share these with other members by heading up the Photoshop workshop.

We can all learn from other peoples work and adapt their ideas. To this end it is worth visiting the large photographic display in St Andrews Square, Edinburgh, which is part of the Edinburgh Science Festival, it is called ‘Patterns in Nature’. They are mounted on fixed boards, each 2 x1 metres, and are well worth seeing, it is on until April. Afterwards pop into the Portrait Gallery and see their photographic displays as I detailed in an earlier note.

Thanks to the co operation of members we are now managing to set up self help/funding workshops. Jim Todd has the first one on Photoshop under way, but there are more members who want to be involved. So George Todd has agreed to set up a second group, so we will be able to reduce the number on Jim’s to about 6/7 and  have a similar number on George’s group.

There is to be an inaugural meeting on Tuesday 19th Feb. in room 4, starting 7.30pm. If you want to join in come along and then it can be sorted out which group to be involved in and what members have to offer and what they want to work on. Or speak  to Jim or George about it.

In addition John Scott is to head up an AV group. Here we should limit it to 5 members and if there are many more members who would like to have a go, then we could think about having a second group.

If there are any other members who think that they wished to run or lead a group on other subjects let me know and we can consider it.

I would still like to receive the DVD’s and images from those members who have not yet got around to it.

Next week for the ‘un romantic’ (Feb. 14th) – I will be doing a presentation based on our data base and hope to give some ideas as to how we can improve our work. This should be interactive and could be a starter for the Photoshop workshops.

Remember that this Sunday (12th Feb) we are at the Lady Victoria Mining Museum for the 12 way inter-club competition. See my last week’s note for details.