It seems Adobe are going to hold photographers to ransom. The next version of CS will only be available on Cloud. This will mean subscription and no facility to buy outright. No matter what excuse Adobe give it is obvious what this means. If you have an already released version of Photoshop then that’s the version you stay with unless you sign on for Cloud membership when it starts. For now Elements and Lightroom are not affected but for how long will that be the case?

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  1. I’ve not seen the T&C’s but the opportunity to download to more than one PC has obvious implications 🙂 I have CS3 extended and PS5 & 6, i’ll not be looking to go to the cloud any time soon. I have tried and failed to see the benefits of lightroom over photoshop, i use raw for colour correction, initial gradients and adding clarity then open as a smart object in PS to apply any filters before doing my retouching.As a smart object i can go back and forth between raw and PS, i also have a portraiture plug-in which i can use on skin softening

    I do my cropping in the raw module and unless theres someone in the cloud going to do all this for me then i will stay as is for the forseeable, i think there will be a lot of people who only use these products for photography do the same but I suspect they will come back with some kind of “photographers” package…… (away to look for theseT&C’s 😉

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