Tuesday Post processing groups- going forward

Dear all

I’ve been heartened at the general turnout for the group- I estimate that we’ve had between a third and  half of all individual club members come along at different times over the 4 sessions.  

One of the main issues for me is that I’m not a photoshop expert, nor a teacher- on this basis I look at what I want to do and try to find a means of covering that at the groups.  That will only work for so long and to make it relevant going forward it would help to have feedback from you on what you would like from a post processing workshop.  That would be topics, tasks, level of expertise, how the workshops are approached- anything really that will maintain interest and help us all improve our post processing skills.

If you could provide your comments through the website in response to this post then that will let everyone see what is being asked for and feed from others thoughts.

Next workshop is planned for 3rd Thursday in September- 19th September I make it and I’d like some time over the summer to prepare for this.

Jim Tod



2 thoughts on “Tuesday Post processing groups- going forward

  1. Dear All

    Error on my part- 3rd Tuesday in September for next workshop- 17th September


  2. When I first started with photoshop, there were a few things that were top of my learning list. because my favourite photography is portraiture i wanted to learn –

    Layers gow to use them and why you should make your adjustments locally rather than globally
    Skin retouching/softening
    Sking colour correcting
    blemish removal
    brightening eyes without affecting the whole image using blend modes and masks
    how to dodge and burn using the tools provided or using alternative methods
    and how to use any of the above creatively

    I also wanted to know the ins and out of the various tools like the clone stamp, things like how you can change what it does by changing the blend modes and reducing opacity. There’s also spot healing and in newer versions of photoshop content aware fill for removing things.

    The difference between carrying out a process using the adjustment layers or making the adjustments from the toolbars at the top of the page. The same applies to the brush toolbars, how you can change the opacity to each brush stroke or clone stamp

    And the selection tools, how you could select using one tool then change to a different one mid selection and create complex selections, coupling those same selections with the warp tools.

    Also the filter tools, from sharpening to smoothing and lens corrections.

    Using things like the gradient tool on a layer mask (did i mention layer masks!) to gradually add or remove an effect from an adjustment layer

    oh and don’t forget cropping and compositing and of course combining and swapping parts of images (nothing quite like seeing your boss in a bikini, right?!)…..the list could go on an on!

    I wanted to learn all of the above straight off, first time i ever opened my shiny new copy of Photoshop CS2. We’re now on CS6 and i’m still learning, you’ll never teach it all as it keeps changing and now that we have creative cloud it’ll be like shifting sand but from the above i think the skin/eye retouchnig and use of the paint brush and tools, the selection tools and the layer adjustments combined with masking is what I use the most.

    That will give you a whole terms worth no problems!

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