First Meeting Thursday 5th Sept 2013

Our first meeting of the new season will be on Thursday 5th September and I look forward to us all coming together again and hopefully we will also be able to welcome a good number of new members following our library roving exhibition.

Hundreds of thousands photos are taken every minute thoughout the world thanks to the phone camera and these are then sent everywhere, the overall image quality has improved recently but what about the presentation and thought process that has gone into the picture.

It all comes down to what you want from an image and what you want to do with it and did you enjoy the challenge of taking it.

Therefore if you want more than just taking ‘snaps’ and to make a real hobby out of it, then a camera club is a place where everyone can work together to aim at a higher quality and to have images that can stand out of the ‘crowd’.

MCC is a 100% members club – there is a ten strong committee that will try to organise a programme and assist in it running smoothly, but it is the membership that will make it work and to all work together in achieving continued improved results.

Our syllabus this year has been put together with speakers on specific subjects, but there are mainly meetings which involve our members. Individuals talking about their ‘take’ and enthusiasm, plus involving all members to bring in their images which can be discussed.

We have club competitions so that there is something to aim for and get an end result which a judge can comment on. Often we do not agree with the comments that some judges make but it is there opinion based on their prejudices, experiences  and the images they have judged over many years.

A second aim for a club is to encourage members to continue to improve so that their images can be selected for submission to Inter- Club Competitions, where we go head to head with others club members.

To achieve a good supply of possible images for these competitions, this year we would be grateful if with each print put into the competitions that we are also supplied with a digital copy that can then be put on the Club’s Data Base. Once we have these they can more easily be assessed and advice given to you on possible suggestions in order to improve on the image, based on the judge’s comments and our opinion.

We have again plans for workshops to be held outside the general meetings and you are always welcome to come along from 7pm on a club meeting where there is always someone who you can discuss any problems etc.

See you all on the 5th Sept.