Club Meeting 19.09.13

What a treat we had last night, the images presented by Hunter Kennedy were outstanding and his vivid description of how he captured the image and then how he worked on it by his mastery of Photoshop was a real bonus.

Some would say that photography has moved a long way from ‘just out of the camera’ but I think last night proved that by using one’s initiative and the facility of Photoshop a ‘real work of art’ can be created which anyone would be proud to hand on their wall.

It’s no wonder that his qualifications include:-

‘Excellent Federation International Art Photography ‘

‘Member of the Photographic Alliance of GB’

Hunter gave us some guidance on ‘composites’ – ‘ getting background material and using techniques of de-saturating the background and increasing the vibrance it can take away the harshness and give a more ‘pastel colour’ look about it. Reducing  the ‘Opacity’ to let the under image to start to show through – using a large feather  brush to mask the selection, thus taking away the ‘cut & paste’ look and much more.

The absent members really missed out despite my strong recommendation last week.

I mentioned last night that Photoshop has now woken up and are offering the latest Photoshop CC plus Lightroom for £8.78 per month available if you have CS3 plus – this offer is only available until 31.12.13.

If this is of any interest to you have a look at:-

Charlie has now arranged the ‘Print Mounting’ workshop on Tuesday 8th Oct – 7.30-9pm – FR room 4.

If you have not already done so please put your name on the list on the notice board and then Charlie will e mail you will full details.

On this Saturday & Sunday will be the Re-enactment of the Battle of Prestonpans – next to Cockenzie Power Station – main ‘battle’ will be carried out at 3pm on each day.

See web site

I have been setting up a master file for the Digital Projection Comp. to send onto Neil Scott – for those who did not give me their two image last night you can send them as an attachment in an email  to me ( clivemcc@talktalk) over the weekend – so no excuses!!

Next week Critique evening – everyone to bring in a print (mounted or not).