Club Meeting 09.01.14

Last night we had the benefit of seeing the entries that were accepted by Dingwall CC’s 36th National Projected Image Exhibition. The were some magnificent images showing imaginative set ups and you could see that the photographers had put in a lot of thought and effort to achieve the results.

The one thing they all had in common was that they had perfect exposure and depth of field.

This is an area that we all need to be very conscious about, think about the suitable settings that would be required to achieve the best results.

Use the histogram to examine the exposure – if the highlights are outside the scale, detail in this area will totally white (no detail) – therefore adjust settings – always expose for the highlights – if the black is outside it will be totally black – if you cannot adjust without effecting  the highlights either live with it or consider ‘fill in flash’.

In my last note to you I mentioned ‘stops of light’ – these are shown in thirds on your camera, therefore if you ‘click’ (up or down) the appropriate one ‘three times’ then that will move the setting by ‘one stop’. Practice this and you will soon be able to make adjustments not only quickly but even in the dark.

Use the image on the camera to check focusing and depth of field, get all this right and you can then put your concentration in getting some ‘stunning images’.

Next week, we are going to have a new item whereby we will all vote on two images at a time and the one with the highest number of votes will go into the next round and again voted on until we end up with a final winner. It should be interesting and fun, it will only work if everyone brings along three prints for the evening.

The following week (23rd)we have a change in the programme. the new AV group will let us see what they have been up to, so please give them your support.

Also on the evening of the 23rd Jan. please bring in your ‘Set Subject Prints (up to 3 prints) based on ‘Street Photography’ – these will be judged by Ken Sharp (last years’ winner) on the 6th Feb.