club Meeting 20.03.14

Last night Jane & George gave us an insight into their progression in the art of photography. Jane has taken part in many photographic expeditions and took us around the world, ending up seeing images of her recent trip to Antarctica.

George took us through India and Sri Lanka, sights of many wild animals including a hungry tiger. He also homed in on Asian elephants and kingfishers plus recording the conditions that most people live in, although their poverty is very said it does give ‘great photo opportunities’.

So far I have only six members have given me their ‘Night Photography images.

Please make a real effort to e mail to me your entries during next week, if you do not have anything, then put on a warm coat and get out there!

It was unfortunate that Libby Smith was unable, owing to illness, to come along last week to give her comments on our B & W images. George will try to pick them up and we can then see them with her comments on Thursday 3rd April

Next Week – We have a talk by Alistair White detailed as ‘Nature up Close & Personal’ his talk will focus on some of the places he has visited around the world in search of the wonders of nature, illustrated by photographs of the landscape, fauna and flora of those places. He will also be commenting throughout on the many threats to the natural world, and the methods which can be used to protect it.

Joe Fowler is running a further workshop at Southfield on Saturday 29th March – 10am to noon.Contact him on



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  1. I emailed a few images, not heard back from you so don’t know if you got them pr not


    Derek Mack


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