STFC Photowalk Competition 2014

Members might be interested in the 2014 STFC Photowalk Competition. On 16th June and 4th July 2014, the UKATC (part of the Royal Observatory on Blackford Hill, Edinburgh) will be giving up to 60 photographers “behind the scenes” access to the site. You will be able to photograph things the general public don’t normally see (or normally see when the room is packed full of members of the public…). The photographs taken on the day may be entered into a competition, and there are prizes for the winners. You can find details and a link to the registration page here:

As an employee of STFC, I’m not allowed to enter :(, but everyone else can :). If you read the small print the deal is that you agree to allow STFC to use the winning photos as part of their publicity material. It’s a win:win situation.


P.S. If you’re really enthusiastic, or are planning to travel south or have some friends south of the border, there are parallel competitions at Chilbolton, Daresbury and Rutherford labs.

2 thoughts on “STFC Photowalk Competition 2014

  1. I’ve booked, looks really interesting, thanks Steven.

    • That’s great. I hope you have an enjoyable day and get some good photos. If you’re interested in historical books, I thoroughly recommend the Crawford Collection.

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