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13 September 2018 (Recorded Lecture)

On our second club night of the season we watched a CD of images accepted into the 2017 Dingwall National Projected Image Competition. We use these images as a source of ideas and inspiration for the coming year.

I brought some printed copies of the new syllabus. If you didn’t manage to pick up a copy, or you would rather print yourself a copy on better paper, a PDF is still available on the web site at the following link. The correct version of the syllabus will have a 4-way competition on 1st November 2018.


There were a lot of announcements to make this week. Here they are again in case you missed any.

  • Please remember to add your name to the tea list. There are still a lot of blank slots. Thank you to Phil Petrie for volunteering for next week.
  • Joe Fowler is arranging a photography class for beginners and new members at Fisherrow on 26th September 2018. If you missed this week’s meeting and would like to join the class, please see Joe next week. Alternatively, if you reply to this post I’ll forward your message to Joe.
  • Next week (20th September) is the last submission date for the Digital Projected Images competition. Please send up to 3 JPEG images to George (our competition secretary) using the email address shown on the front of the syllabus. Images must be sized to a maximum size of 1600 pixels and renamed to show your member number and the image title, for example “56_ThisIsMyTitle.jpg”. For details see the competition guide at the following link:  MCCCompetitionInformation.
  • Next week we will be welcoming our first speaker, Libby Smith of Carluke Camera Club. Libby has been a regular visitor to the club and has always impressed us with her stunning images and knowledge of the subject.

Some events and photographic opportunities coming up:

  • The Battle of Prestonpans takes place this weekend, 15-16th September 2018. The event begins at 10am on Saturday with a commemorative parade from Meadowmill Sports Centre. The parade proceeds to Greenhills (where Cockenzie Power Station used to be). On Saturday and Sunday there are regular events and demonstrations planned on the Greenhills site between 11am and 5pm, and the battle itself takes place both days at 3pm.
  • If the weekend isn’t exciting enough, the Edinburgh Riding of the Marches also takes place on Sunday, 16th September 2018.
  • The Scottish Half Marathon starts from Musselburgh on Sunday, 23rd September 2018.
  • The Edinburgh Doors Open Days take place on the weekend of 29-30th September 2018. The Royal Observatory, where I work, will be open both days, but there will be many more buildings open.

See you next Thursday.


Welcome to the 2018-2019 season!

I would like to welcome everyone to another season with Musselburgh Camera Club. Thank you to all who came along to this week’s opening night, especially to the potential new members who I hope we can make feel at home. If you signed up to follow the club on the web site and received this post as an email message, congratulations. It worked!

The season didn’t start without its teething troubles, and unfortunately the wrong version of the syllabus was printed. If you are wondering what the actual 2018-2019 syllabus looks like, click here for a copy.


You can print this out for yourself, and I’ll also bring some copies along next week. You will notice our first 4-way competition takes place on 1st November. This is happening early in the season, just like last year, so I would urge everyone to find your best images and email them to George to help the club. You don’t need to wait until the competition submission date. In fact, the submission date for the digital images competition is just 2 weeks away, so you’ll need to start looking for good images anyway.

Talking of competitions, here is a copy of the guide to club competitions I handed out to new members during the opening night.


Some announcements of photographic opportunities coming up soon (click for more details):

Finally, I would like to draw your attention to the club’s privacy policy, which explains how we use the contact information you provided when you signed up. It should be fairly straightforward, since we don’t pass on your information or use your details for any other reason than running club activities.


I look forward to seeing you next week, when we will be inspired by a CD of high quality competition images. Can you guess which one will win…?


Great News – 8-way Competition

Great news! Musselburgh Camera Club won the 8-way competition in Roslin last weekend. The overall scores were:

  1. Musselburgh Camera Club, Prints 90, Digital Image 91, Total 181
  2. Livingston Camera Club, Prints 88, Digital Image 89, Total 177
  3. Mid Calder Camera Club, Prints 85 Digital Image 90, Total 175
  4. Galashiels Camera Club, Prints 82, Digital Image 92, Total 174
  5. Midlothian Camera Club, Prints 85, Digital Image 84, Total 169
  6. Biggar Camera Club, Prints 78, Digital Image 84, Total 162
  7. North Berwick Photographic Society, Prints 81, Digital Image 80, Total 161
  8. Beeslack Penicuik Camera Club, Prints 76, Digital Image 81, Total 157

Well done to everyone whose images were entered.

Ford Renton’s information on astrophotography

A PDF of the information sheet which Ford Renton mentioned during his talk on Thursday can be downloaded by clicking the link below:

Shooting Stars – Ford Renton’s guide to shooting the night sky.

I have also written a summary of Ford’s talk on the club web site.

A reminder that we will be collecting entries for the human portrait print competition this Thursday, 22nd February. Please bring along your 3 mounted prints (and send 3 JPEG copies to George Todd at the email address on the front of your syllabus). Come along and help judge the images from Mölnlycke Fotoklubb in our annual Swedish Interclub.


Burns Night Special This Thursday

This Thursday, 25th January 2018, is our Burns Night Special. Please bring along a CD or data stick with 1, 2 or 3 digital JPEG images on a Burns-related theme. Club members will choose the best images, and there will be a prize for the best image on the night.

Please note that we won’t have time to sort the images on the laptop before displaying them. To ensure a good random scattering, this time please don’t begin the file names with your member number.

I’m looking forward to seeing all your images.

Eclipse Photography Exposure Guide

For anyone interested, here is the web site where I found the eclipse photography exposure guide. The site also contains some more information on eclipse photography.


Here are some sites where you can find other images of the eclipse, including some wide-angle images I didn’t get this time because of the broken camera. There are also some ultra-HDR images, showing what you can do if you manage to cram enough different exposures into the 2 minutes.




If you want to try yourself, the next total eclipse of the sun in the USA happens on 8th April 2024. 🙂


MCC Basic Photo Techniques Slides

I have added a copy of the slides I showed for the “Basic Photo Techniques” presentation last week to the web site. You can obtain a copy by clicking on the following link:


Don’t forget to email your three “Circles and Squares” images to George Todd this week. If you can’t match the subject exactly, submit something anyway. Images with the most tenuous connection can often be the most entertaining on the night.

Best of luck,



2017 Competition Information

I have made a printable version of the competition information slides from last night and added it to the club website. You can obtain a copy by clicking this link:


Please send your 3 entries for the “Digital Projected Images” competition to George (georgetodd1957@me.com) this weekend. If you are beginner and you have some images would like to submit, please submit them even if you can’t match the SPF formatting and sizing rules. It’s better to get the feedback than not enter at all. If you don’t have Photoshop but you have an editing tool which has a “save for email” option, you can use that to reduce the file size to something George can manage.

Best of luck with your entries, and I’ll see you on Thursday.



News and events

I hope you are all have a good summer of photography. Here are some suggestions for places to visit if you are struggling to find subjects for next season’s “set subject” competitions:

Finally, a couple of other items which might be of interest



Borders Digital Challenge 2017

What a fantastic collection of “still life” images we had on Thursday.

A reminder that Musselburgh Camera Club will be entering the 2017 “Borders Digital Challenge” competition this weekend. If you would like to support your club, come along to the Tower Mill Café Bar, Heart of Hawick, Tower Mill, Kirkstile, Hawick, TD9 0EA at 2pm on Sunday March 26th 2017. The competition is hosted by Harwick Camera Club and is taking place in the auditorium within the “Heart of Hawick“. Here is a map to help you find the way: