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Hi Steve, was a good night to get our mindset for the coming season. I cant help but think that our members images rival or better some of the images shown on the DVD’s and that we should actively compete in these competitions. from what i saw only Joe entered that competition. I personally would like to have a bash as im sure other members would too. Can you , joe or anybody within the club advise how to enter either as an individual or as a club?

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  1. Hi Mike, I was thinking the same thing. If you follow the links to the portfolio projected digital images competition on the SPF web site, which I included in my post, you can read the competition rules. Club members can enter as individuals or clubs can submit a portfolio of images for consideration.

  2. HI Mike
    Good point !
    The SPF produces a newsletter approximately six times a year. The current one is ” e-FLASH 57 ” . This contains information about competitions and how to enter them. Anyone can subscribe online via the SPF website which also contains the archive of previous e-FLASHES. I will print off e-FLASH 57 and put it on the Club notice board.

    I get information as Club Secretary about photographic competitions in, for example, Albania or small Italian towns. I haven’t publicised these but I do circulate information on competitions of local interest like the Sea Bird Centre, East Lothian and Edinburgh organisations and some other ones with really good prizes !! Maybe we need to develop competition plans to discuss with members when the Committee meets next ?

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