Sept 10 Recorded Lecture

Tonight we had a recorded lecture showing the results from the 2013 Scottish Photographic Federation portfolio projected digital images competition. Lots of images of birds (with and without a stick) and squirrels, insects, minimalist beach scenes (sticks without the birds), portraits, striking landscapes and inspired Photoshop creations. Plenty of images to inspire new ideas.

There is one week left until the closing date for the Digital Images competition. Please send your 3 images to George Todd (either by email during the week, or next Thursday on a CD or data stick). Please resize your images to 1400 pixels on the longest side, save them as a JPEG file and rename the file with your member number and title (such as “56_Fisherrow_Room_Four.jpg”). Best of luck.

More diary dates

  • Friday, 11th September: Mike Clark is suggesting a visit to Blair Drummond Safari park, since the weather forecast looks good for tomorrow. Please email Mike if you would like to go. Those members who have tickets and can’t go tomorrow could perhaps club together and choose another day?
  • Sunday, 13th September: The Riding of the Marches takes place in Edinburgh.

Next week my colleague, Jason Cowan, the last remaining professional photographer at the Royal Observatory Edinburgh, will tell us about his work. He started working in the photographic laboratories, copying and processing the plates taken by overseas telescopes and stored in a plate library. Now, in the digital age, Jason is responsible for managing the observatory’s image collection. He will give us hints and tips on how we can manage and safeguard our own personal collections.

See you next week,


1 thought on “Sept 10 Recorded Lecture

  1. Hi Steve, was a good night to get our mindset for the coming season. I cant help but think that our members images rival or better some of the images shown on the DVD’s and that we should actively compete in these competitions. from what i saw only Joe entered that competition. I personally would like to have a bash as im sure other members would too. Can you , joe or anybody within the club advise how to enter either as an individual or as a club?

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