Club News – Syllabus Change

It turns out that Musselburgh Art Club were unaware of the joint evening we had advertised in our syllabus for this Thursday, 3rd March. However, they are keen to continue with our annual get-together and have suggested we delay our joint evening by a few weeks (date to be agreed). Ken Sharp has kindly agreed to bring forward his “Members Evening” talk about his trip to Kenya, and will be showing it to us this Thursday. We will be meeting in usual room at Fisherrow.

Some reminders:

  • Charlie Briggs is giving a mounting demonstration at Fisherrow on Tuesday, 1st March. The demonstration is not limited to the 5 people who signed up, so if you are interested come along on Tuesday evening. (The time was either 7pm or 7:30pm – ask Charlie which we decided on.)
  • The closing date for the “Abstract” set subject competition is this Thursday, 3rd March. Please send your 3 digital images to George Todd. Images should be sized to 1400 pixels on the largest dimension and the files named with member number and title (for example 56_MyDigitalImageTitle.jpg).
  • Please can all trophy winners return their trophies to George Todd, so he can arrange for them to be engraved.